Zero Hour Approaches…

So I have just one day left in Panama City FL, till I move to sunny Fort Lauderdale.  As many of you know I’ve been planning this move for nearly six months now. So for me the last few days have been somewhat surreal. I keep looking at places and thinking wow I wonder when I will see this next, I wonder when I will drive down this road again. While there are a few things I will miss about my home for the past 28  years there are also many that I wont. It’s a trade off and I’m hoping.. No I’m SURE that I will have a much better life in Fort Lauderdale.

I’m going to miss the few friends I have here in town at least until I can convince them to move down too.  like my very good friend Brad. If somebody had asked me if the two of us would become such good friends 2 years ago I would have flat out said NO! But over the past year and a half we have become great friends and I shall truly miss him. He came down this weekend from Montgomery Alabama to see me off. We partied hard all weekend long and I had such a blast. Our friend John came out as well. I never got to know John very well he had briefly dated my best friend nick for a month or so. But he is a very sweet person and a lot of fun to be around and boy can he dance… Gonna miss you John.

So with the crazy weekend behind me I  still have a bit of packing to do and some more stuff to sell. I hope I can get it all taken care of TODAY! I plan on setting sail around 7:00pm tomorrow evening. I’m working right up until I move. Going to make a short day out of it and leave at 3:00 come home and have a nap for a few hours then pack and hit the road.

I’m really going to miss my job here. Even though I bitch about it a lot, I did really love it. I mean come on who wouldn’t love to get paid well to sit and watch TV for 9 hours a day. Can you beat that anywhere? But off to greener pastures it’s time for a change and change is a coming. I’m somewhat burnt out on the cellular industry, and I believe that a career change is in order. I have an interview on Friday at LA Fitness, as a sales lead. A few of you may know that I have lost a lot of weight over the past year and a half.  All the working out and getting healthy has really sparked my interest and it has become something that I really enjoy doing. I’m hoping to break into the world of Personal Training sometime within the next few months. So getting this job at a very large gym will be the first step of many towards reaching my goal.

I’ve spent this weekend saying “Goodbye” to many of my friends and family, I had an awesome dinner at my dad’s house with my mother, father, brother and sister in law. I couldn’t have asked for a better last evening to spend with them. Even though were not a very close family they are still my family and I’m going to miss them. I’ve said goodbye to all my friends, and I hope to see them again soon. I’m sure we will keep in touch with the wonders of social networking sites. But It would be nice to actually get to SEE them again.

So I’m sure I’m going to be spending the next few weeks saying “HELLO” to all the new people I’m going to encounter in my new home. I’ve been speaking to many people over the past few months on various networking sites and feel like many will become close friends. And I’m sure I’m going to meet even more people out and about. Who know’s maybe I will even find “the one”! I know keep dreaming right?

So in closing I’d like to say goodbye to all of my friends and family it’s been a great 28 years and to Panama City FL, my home for most of my life, I shall miss you… but only a little. 🙂


P.S. – Just a warning to my friends. I will be driving at night and may get sleepy so you may get a surprise phone call from me at some point in the night… loves ya 😉

Here I come…



  1. Hey, sounds like the start of a brand new chapter in the novel that is your life. I wish you the best of luck durin the move, am sure it’s gonna be a great thing for you to do.

    Hugs and best for the future in the FLL

    • Thanks man it’s going to be an adventure I can already tell!!

  2. Net change for Lauderdale – ZERO. I’ve been in here, off and on, since ’61. Mostly on. Myself, I’m leaving Thursday on a one-way ticket to Panama City, but the Republic of, not FL. Good luck.

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